Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I Heart W

Okay, so I voted for W. Two times. I don't agree with many of his policies. Human rights in the U.S. have suffered since 9/11. He's been a lame duck since Obama and McCain began their campaigns.

But I'm gonna miss him. I don't think Obama will be quite as entertaining.

When I'm having a tough day at work, I am going to start finding websites like this one to lighten my mood. I think W can help me survive those tough days with teenagers.


Karie said...

Wow, that was definately entertaining. Too many obgyn's can't practice their love on women??? Poor George W. I just feel bad for him.

Kesi Garcia said...

I had never heard that one before. I can't believe he says stuff like that! That is one of my faves.

firefitrkb said...

what human rights have suffered since 911? i really must know the answer to this. And please be specific...... maybe you guys should spend a few yrs in afganistan and see how you ladies are treated there and then see if you feel like u SUFFER living here. You are living in the greatest place to live on the planet, why not respect that.