Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Snowfall of '09

I've experienced change this week. After several years of lackluster snowfall in Sevier County, we finally got some pretty white stuff. While we didn't get a lot of snow, it was still very pretty. And it's still laying around in a lot of shady places. There's an old saying here that snow that sticks around for a few days is just waiting for more snow.

Sofia, Tiger, and I had fun in it Monday.

Sofia wasn't sure whether or not she liked the strange white stuff. I threw her snowballs, but she got very upset when they disappeared on the ground. She tried to dig up the yard to find the balls, but luckily it snowed again and covered up her mess.

Tiger was much calmer about the whole situation.

Today, two days after the snowfall, there was plenty for Tig to lay in on the front porch.

Tig's preferred spot on the back porch. The end of the back porch is Tig's temporary home since his kennel was destroyed. He loves to stick his nose out and watch the snow land in his neighborhood.

A shot of the second round of Monday's snowfall from my cell phone.

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