Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sopa- The Easy Mexican Soup

I love soup this time of year. Mexican soups are about the only ones I'll eat. They have two different words for soup- caldo, which is usually a hearty broth, and sopa, a simple pasta based soup. I love sopa because it's super easy compared to most Mexican dishes and it's cheap.

The pastas used for sopa come in fun shapes. I prefer the smaller ones like stars and ABCs.
Moderna is the main brand of these. Most grocery stores and Wal-Mart sell these. Mexican stores usually sell them cheaper. In Dalton, GA, where the Mexican population is quite large, they sell them for 25 cents each.

Moderna pasta
3-4 Roma tomatoes, canned sauce is okay, but fresh tomatoes are best
clove of garlic
piece of onion
2 chicken bullion cubes

Blend tomatoes, garlic, onion, and chicken bullion cubes in blender.
In a small pot, heat small amount of Canola oil and add pasta. Stir until pasta is golden brown. Drain any excess oil.
Add mixture from blender.
Add water, abt 2-3 cups.
Salt as desired.
Bring to boil and let simmer until pasta is tender.

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Nathan Toone said...

I absolutly *LOVE* sopa! You should try using Knorr Suisa (a Mexican brand of bouillon) instead of cubes bouillon. It is generally sold in most grocery stores by the mexican foods (right by the pasta for sopa). It gives it a real authentic flavor.