Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Sofia Sunday

Why I love Sofia:

Sofia is very talented, as you can tell. She's 11 months old now. She knows how to quench her thirst. She unscrews the cap by herself and gets the top of the bottle in her mouth. The challenge is currently getting more water into her mouth than she does on the floor. She doesn't really mind a big puddle of water on the floor because she can always lick it up.
Her new talent is standing upright on her hind legs with no support for about 10-15 seconds at a time. She loves to stand upright in her kennel with her front paws braced on the fencing. When she's inside and doesn't think I'm looking, she likes to brace the front paws up on the counter or table to see what's out to eat.
But this past week, she pulled herself upright to check out the counter without getting close enough to brace her paws on it. She did it on two separate occaisons. She stands there and looks around for 10-15 seconds. I've been giving her a bit too much people food. I think that's confusing her. She assumes that two-legged, upright creatures get to eat her favorites like corn bread and green beans and roast and chicken all the time, so she needs to be an upright creature inside too.
The other night I started Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey while Sofia was in the house with me. It was just us girls and the tv. She was having fun rolling on the carpet and rubbing her side against the couch. Until Patrick Dempey's character, dressed as Bill Clinton, climbs into bed with an unsuspecting woman who was not the intended Monica Lewinsky. The unsuspecting woman screams in the movie. The unsuspecting Sofia jumped up growling. She barked and growled and ran around the house to the door. She demanded to be let outside. She sniffed the driveway a minute to assure herself that there was no threat. Then she came happily back inside. Now that's a guard dog.

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