Monday, November 10, 2008

Mexican rice

Mexican rice is one of my favorite foods. It goes great with any meal. The drawback is the time it takes to prepare it. I've gotten recipes from several Mexican women and watched two women make it regularly.

Rice Basics:
For every cup of dry rice you use, you will need two cups of water to cook it in. It is very important to measure the rice out in the same thing you will use to measure the water. I use the small tumblers that come in Wedding Oats oatmeal.

package of long grain white rice
chicken bullion cubes
Roma tomatoes (I can tomatoes in the summer to make this a little easier. I have used canned tomato sauce from the store, but it isn't as good as fresh tomatoes.)
frozen mixed vegetables, if desired
Canola oil

Use a cup to measure out the amount of rice you desire. (I always use two cups of rice.) As you measure the rice out, place it in a bowl or medium sized container. Cover the rice with very hot tap water. Let the rice soak while you prepare the salsa.

Into the blender put: 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 onion, 2 cubes of chicken bullion (1 cube per cup of dry rice), and tomatoes. Add a very small amount of water if necessary. Blend well.

Drain water from rice. In deep skillet or pot, pour about a cup of canola oil. Place rice in pot and cook on medium high. Stir well frequently so rice doesn't stick and it browns evenly. When rice is golden, drain excess oil. Pour mixture from blender into pan and add water according to amount of dry rice used. (2 cups dry rice= 4 cups water) You can also add frozen mixed vegetables if desired.

Cook on medium-low unil rice is tender.

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