Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's your name? en espanol

My teaching schedule changed a few weeks ago. I'm currently teaching all Spanish I classes. I like Spanish I because it's a whole lot more fun than Spanish II. But the Spanish textbook writers get on my nerves. I question the amount of time they've spent in a classroom.
One of the first things new Spanish students need to know is how to ask someone's name and how to tell their own. All Spanish textbooks I've seen use the "como te llamas?" translation, which literally means "what do you call yourself?" But the books fail to give the literal translation, so students inevitably say "me llamo es" which makes any good Spanish teacher cringe. "Me llamo es" DOES NOT mean "my name is."
The correct way to talk about names:
Como te llamas? What do you call yourself?
Me llamo Kesi. I call myself Kesi.
Cual es tu nombre? What's your name?
Mi nombre es Kesi.
Quien eres? Who are you?
Yo soy Kesi. I am Kesi.
That's not so hard, is it?

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