Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Cinco de Mayo

Last year I ordered my Cinco de Mayo dress to wear to school for my Spanish students. I had wanted something similar for years, and I finally found one on ebay. This year I'm at a new school so they got the Cinco de Mayo "surprise" too.

It is so hard to be in a bad mood when wearing this dress. I think I might look for something similar to wear more often. (Or maybe not.) By the way, in the United State Cinco de Mayo is all about the beer.

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Ana L. Flores said...

You weren't kidding about wearing the dress!
Thanks for the comment on our site. You totally get where I'm coming from with the Chilango Cinco de Mayo attitude! jajajaja.
My husband finally did get that it's a great way to give our daughter a bit of Mexico's colorful and tasty culture.